My name is Akilesh Kannan. I’m currently pursuing a Dual Degree in Electrical Engineering at IIT Madras. My interests lie in Analog Circuit design and Comp Arch/Org. I am also a huge supporter of GNU/Linux systems and Open-Source Software.

My blog is a place where I’ll write about stuff that I find even remotely interesting. You can get my contact details on this site.

Here’s somethings you should def know about me:

  1. Vim is ❤
  2. Open-source everything!
  3. Linkin Park, Panic! At The Disco are my favorite music artists.
  4. I rice my configs in my free time.

Not that I need it, but I do have Liberapay, so that I can buy a custom domain sometime in the future.

Here’s my resume in case you want to know more about my academic details.

Also, I’m a proud Chennaiite :)

Since you’ve reached the end of the page, here’s an xkcd for you.